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We are trusted by thousands of clients

We have over 15 years experience 


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We are fully licensed & insured for removing asbestos. You will have peace of mind when you book us.



Over 15 years of industry experience you can rest assured Asbestos Removal will offer a professional and well-planned service



Our asbestos removals in Belconnen ACT, Australia can inspect your property and determine the presence of potential asbestos materials.


Fair Prices

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard service to our clients. When you invest with us, expect top quality from start to finish with competitive price.


Safety Practises

at Kingz Plus Asbestos Services, your safety is our number 1 priority when we remove asbestos. We guarantee 100% removal of asbestos.


Best Services

At kingz plus your safety is our number 1 priority
when we remove asbestos.

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